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Wedding in sri lanka

Let us invite you to paradise! Sri Lanka, known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian ocean’ off the southern tip of India. Its magic still hasn’t been fully revealed to tourists, which gives it unparalleled primacy for its grace, authenticity and peacefulness. Undoubtedly, this is the ideal destination for your barefoot wedding! We are here to make it real for you.

Marry Me Barefoot™ is not a random wedding agency. We are are not only your wedding planner, assistant, designer and advisor but foremost your personal confidant. We can plan your wedding  as an intimate ceremony, a short or longer wedding holiday, or even a full wedding & honeymoon experience in the region. Marry Me Barefoot is a universal company with an individual approach.

“People deserve to fulfill their dreams. And your wedding day is definitely one of those moments when you deserve it even more!”
- Igor

why such wedding?

It will bring priceless value to your wedding experience. From the accommodation and dining to the ceremony itself, your memories simply cannot be compared to those of a traditional wedding. Beautiful weather year-round is undoubtedly another benefit. So if you prefer quality over quantity and a unique experience, the barefoot wedding is for you! Together with your family and friends on an exotic island, intimacy, unity and confidentiality are guaranteed.

A barefoot wedding is an unforgettable travel holiday in itself. What’s more, you can enjoy your honeymoon immediately after!

OUR Barefoot wedding story

After traveling the world together, we happened to land in Sri Lanka. One day, weeks after getting engaged on a speedboat in Istanbul, we decided to get married. Having spent a year in Sri Lanka, I chose this picturesque island as our wedding destination. It was extraordinary, just as our love has always been…the reality truly surpassed our dreams!


what all can we provide


We believe the choice of venue is half of a wedding’s success. With multiple locations to choose from, we will recommend...

where you will sleep


Small things make a big difference. Based on your love story we will prepare the right theme to capture the spirit of...

small things - big things


Our mums use to say “Love comes through a happy stomach.” Catering is a special experience when it serves a barefoot wedding...

What will you eat


How about your first dance under a sky full of lanterns to the sound of traditional drum music? Or a getaway with your partner...

have some fun

why barefoot?


Each couple is different. Without standard packages, we create a fully tailored wedding by combining all your wishes into one unique event. We will guide you through each step of the planning process to achieve your most precious experience.


At the beginning, it was our own wedding. We were in your shoes (barefoot)! Our mission is to shelter you from all stress and let you enjoy your big moment in paradise.


Don`t worry about your budget. Just provide us with your vision and capacity so we can manage accordingly. We will find the best way to maximize your barefoot wedding experience.


We have studied the market carefully and understand it. Ad-hoc situations, additional desires, unforeseen moments pose no difficulty for us and our local network of professionals.


By exploring the Southern Asia, we have tested and approved different locations for your Barefoot Honeymoon. Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand. You can imagine beeing JUST MARRIED there falling in love again and again.


A ‘Retie the Knot’ ceremony is a great way to celebrate your everlasting love. The magic you two share can be rekindled over and over again in ways you have never imagined.

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